Built on knowledge gained from experience Dirt Pro can build your next project for you. Having worked from the far north to the far south we have the experience working with different types of dirt and soils. We pride ourselves with skill and excellence to save time and money for any project a company may have giving their budget a leg up over the competition.

Commercial and industrial services include lease and road construction, ditching and drainage erosion control, ROW clearing, road maintenance, reclamation, gravel supply and hauling, road maintenance, winter access, water and erosion control, and commercial site prep, pads, and foundations.

Dirt Pro will also work with individual clients needing residential driveways, roads, and approaches.

Take advantage of over 30 years of experience and get Dirt Pro working for you today.

Oilfield Companies

Grande Prairie

We’re proud to live and work in the Grande Prairie area, and we’re also proud to bring high quality and great service to every job. Working in the North (and with the challenges that our ‘dirt of the North’ brings) means taking our vast experience and applying it to the unique needs of our valued customers.

Every project our clients undertake is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. So, whether we’re serving oilfield companies Grande Prairie in their growth and development or helping a customer improve winter access to their site, we make sure the dirt and soil they build on are ready for anything they want to move over it.


It was way back in 1990 that we started meeting the needs of customers—yep, that was during the booming 90s! What did we learn back then? We learned that no matter who we were working for, consistently completing jobs on time and on budget was the best way we could serve our customers and our community.

The field of earthworks construction, Grande Prairie style, continues to be an important part of development. Our customers know that they can always rely on our services whether we’re moving topsoil, tilerock, sand, clay, or fill dirt. Every day, we build this business from the dirt up!

Name your earthworks Grande Prairie needs, and Dirt Pro is here for you. From grading to excavating to landscaping, we’ve got you covered!

Our earthworks Grande Prairie services have a unique edge—budget. Thanks to decades of experience, all the right equipment, and highly trained employees, we can save you time and money while getting your earthworks construction job done right the first time.

Land Reclamation

We’re honored to work alongside our clients and use our expertise in land reclamation. Grande Prairie—and all Northern Alberta—has some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. And whether that means a small project or a massive one, land reclamation Grande Prairie is a very important part of the work we do.

Road Construction

Getting where you’re going—without getting stuck—is all in a day’s work for our road construction Grande Prairie team. And the unique challenges in the area just make it more fun for our crews! We take care of everything involved with lease and road construction, including ditching and drainage erosion control and maintenance.

From permanent roads to temporary solutions, and from commercial clients to individuals on private property, Dirt Pro has been building roads for three decades. And we expect to be driving those roads for many, many more. When it comes to road construction Grande Prairie and beyond, we’ve got the experience and the equipment to handle every job.

From Wagon Trails to Highway 43

One of the first roads that connected the rest of the world to Grande Prairie was a wagon trail that brought settlers up from Edson way back in 1911! That road helped to bring the first little boom to the area, and led to some of the first commercial buildings in the area.

The next road that really changed things for our community was the Alaska Highway which literally led Grande Prairie out of the Great Depression. Of course, an important part of that was the discovery of oil and natural gas. That pushed forward the building of Highway 43 and properly connected Grande Prairie to Edmonton.

It’s important that Dirt Pro continues to be a positive part of the growth of our city—and supports all the businesses that keep our economy going. Here’s to the next 30 years of earthworks, serving oilfield companies, road building, land reclamation, and construction Grande Prairie!



Aboriginal certified business at Dirt Pro

As an Aboriginal certified business. Dirt Pro believes in equal opportunities and looks forward to building new relationships within a diverse industry

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